Erodium Spanish Eyes

Height 25cm
Spread 60cm
Full sun
Frost Hardy
Botanical Name: Erodium glandulosum Spanish Eyes

Variety Profile

Soft feathery green foliage forms an attractive foil to the musk pink flowers which are highlighted by deeper plum coloured veining and central markings. Flowering season could be considered all most year round as although most prolific during spring. Easy and fast growing, E. 'Spanish Eyes' offers a charming solution for drier areas of the garden where it could be mass planted as an ornamental ground cover. Other uses include edging paths or garden borders to soften hard lines, growing in containers or underplanting roses.

Commonly named 'Heronsbill', Erodiums share a resemblence to geraniums and do indeed belong to this family.

Cultural Care

Choose a full sun location in most soil types given it is well drained. Generally no pruning is required although a light trim after a main flower flush can encourage further flushes as well as maintain a neat habit. An addition of slow release fertiliser applied in spring would be beneficial.

Plant Uses

A terrific garden or container selection producing flowers almost year round. A choice selection for gardeners with limited space or wanting low maintenance ground covers. An ideal plant for filling bare patches between taller growing perennials.

Fast growing for establishing 'new' gardens.

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