Hellebore Joy Bouquet

Height 70cm
Spread 60cm
Full sun
Full sun/Part Shade
Full Shade
Dry Tolerant
Frost Hardy
Botanical Name: Hellebore x orientais Joy Bouquet

Variety Profile

An outstanding collection of premium quality hellebores bred specifically to produce larger than normal flowers in a wide range of clear colours. As its name suggests this hardy perennial is more commonly known as 'Winter Rose' due to the welcome colour it brings to a late winter garden display. In addition is its preference for a semi-shaded location thus bringing colour not only to a traditionally bleak period of the year but also filling those often difficult locations to landscape eg. beneath an open canopy or deciduous trees or for edging lightly shaded pathways.

Strong stems support the open cup flowers which are ideal for fresh floral arrangements. As individual plants from the 'Joy Bouquet' Collection have been raised from seed it is possible for a plant bought out of flower to surprise its buyer with a display in any colour ranging from a sparkling white or cream through to soft lemon, chartreuse or lime green. At the other end of the colour spectrum they may also produce blooms in pastel pinks, amethyst or ruby hues or even a more voluptuous deep plum. Other variations include a 'speckling' of a contrasting colour (usually a fine crimson or purple colour) emanating from the center of these well formed flowers.

With such an array of attractive possibilities it is no wonder gardeners worldwide have been known to become avid collectors of these wonderfully intriguing perennials.

Cultural Care

Grows well in most soil types that are moist but well draining. Low watering requirements once established requiring only occasional long soaks during extended periods of heat. No pruning generally required other than to tidy old flower stems or leaves. Feed in late autumn with a slow release fertiliser for best results.

CAUTION - Harmful if eaten/skin irritant.

Plant Uses

Grow as individual clumps or create dramatic sweeps of colour with drifts of plants. The deep green leathery foliage will form an attractive groundcover for shaded areas but keep in mind the deeper the shade the less production of flowers.

Ideally dappled shade will give the best results where an informal mix of hellebores and early spring flowering bulbs can create a naturally picturesque scene with little effort. For gardeners challenged by space or requiring mobile colour, your hellebores can be grown in containers using a good quality potting mix.

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