Lavatera Red Rum

Height 1.2m
Spread 1.5m
Full sun
Botanical Name: Lavatera x clementii Red Rum

Variety Profile

  • Large, deep pink flowers provide a showy display over summer into autumn.
  • No-fuss, mid-size shrub for general garden use.
  • Easy to grow and hardy in most situations.

Cultural Care

Grows well in most soil types which are moist but well draining.  No pruning is generally required other than to tidy appearance or restrict size if required.  Apply a slow release fertiliser during spring. Mulch well to help retain moisture during dry periods.

Plant Uses

  • Water wise landscapes.
  • High impact colour in mixed borders.
  • Fast results in new gardens or filling spaces.
  • Can be grown in large containers/tubs.

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